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Sleep Harmony Vs Other Sleep Aids

Most sleep aids address the symptoms and not the root cause.

Sleep Harmony addresses the root cause of sleep issues at 3 different levels.

Level 1: Relaxation & Stress Relief

Using nature's best stress busters like Passion flower and Ashwagandha, Sleep Harmony's unique calming blend help to reduce your body's stress and cortisol levels, promoting relaxation and help prepares your body for sleep

Level 2: Restorative Deep Quality Sleep

Next, we have goji berries, which are clinically proven to improve sleep quality and encourage deeper sleep cycles - The all-important phase where cell regeneration and tissue repair happens. We also added velarian and melatonin to regulate your sleeping clock and help you fall asleep faster.

Level 3: Improve Mood and Physical Well-Being

With 5-HTP and Inositol (Vitamin B8) is added to the blend to regulate your serotonin levels, which help to improve mood and promote physical well-being. Fused with anti-oxidants from Goji berries and Chamomile, Sleep Harmony aims to re-balance your sleep cycle and boost a healthier immune system.

Questions Answered & Ready To Go?

Sleep Harmony is our leading sleep aid specially formulated to manage manage stress levels and help you sleep better.

Over 43,000+ people worldwide trust Sleep Harmony simply because it works :)